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Innovative Design

Unique and robust architecture to unleash STEAM learning potential. FlipEye to personalise robot’s facial expressions. FlipVariable Board to expand the imagination of robotic programming.


An online environment containing tools, curriculum resources and knowledge base to complete the learning solution. Access FlipCloud


A cloud based graphical programming interface based on BlocklyDuino. FlipCode is entirely browser based and can be utilised by students both in school and at home, anytime and anywhere.

FlipLearn Classroom Environment

A cloud based student learning management system to allow teachers to manage and assess student’s learning seamlessly.

Transformable Extension Kits

A wide range of FlipRobot extension kits specifically designed to align with the CASE Curriculum. The versatile extension kits will transform the E300 into endless possibilities.

Critical STEAM skills

The CASE curriculum first, FlipRobot is designed to deliver the curriculum. The curriculum with clearly defined learning outcomes, in conjunction with FlipRobot will develop students’ STEAM competencies required for their future success.

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CASE Curriculum

California Association for STEAM Education (CASE)

  1. Global Excellence, New Zealand Standards
  2. Prescribes to The New Zealand Curriculum standards and requirements.
  3. Continuously evolve and adopt best practices

Curriculum Overview

The CASE Curriculum is learning outcomes focused. Learning outcomes are specific benchmarks that students should achieve by the end of the CASE Curriculum. Our learning outcomes are mapped with The New Zealand Curriculum standards and descriptors. The learning outcomes of the CASE Curriculum allow teachers to distinguish what students should know, understand and achieve; as a result of completing the course work. Our CASE Curriculum was designed with the learning outcomes at the forefront, to allow teachers to ensure student’s learning is complex and integrated. 

The CASE Curriculum covers:

  1. Clear learning outcomes based
  2. Problem based learning and design thinking
  3. Learning scope and sequence
  4. STEAM related skills
  5. Multi-year and includes varying complexity levels

CASE Advisory School

The CASE Advisory School has been established to advance STEAM education through the application of robotic teaching, and ensure a smooth and seamless delivery of the CASE Curriculum to New Zealand schools.

To find out more about this exclusive group click here.

Learn more about CASE: thecase.net


Learning Outcome

The key learning outcomes harnessed in the CASE Curriculum are:

  • Development of critical thinking and problem based learning
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Application of design processes, design theory and design thinking
  • Generating and communicating creative agricultural design ideas and solutions
  • Demonstrated knowledge of emerging technologies on the individual, society and agricultural environments
  • Curiosity and imagination
  • Evaluating and reflecting on the success of their own and peers’ design projects

Professional Development

Our Professional Development will be a certified course that will allow teachers to gain professional development hours and industry recognition.

The aim of our Professional Development course is to help teachers deliver curriculum implementation seamlessly. Teachers that participate in our Professional Development course will learn best practices on how to teach the CASE Curriculum effectively.

Our best practice will include classroom design, teaching materials and resources, which will optimise classroom delivery of the CASE Curriculum.